• Have an emergency? Call 911
  • Have an emergency? Call 911 
Since 1887, the Milan Area Fire Department has been proud to serve our community with emergency response services.

Milan Area Fire Dept.

The Milan Area Fire Department runs an approximate of 1,400 calls for service a year and provides a wide range of specialized service Emergency Medical Response, Motor Vehicle Response including extrication, Search and Rescue, Firefighting, Ice Rescue and Hazardous Material Response.

Safety Tips

  • If you have a home fire, call 911 immediately.
  • Test your smoke detector batteries once a month, replace your batteries twice a year.
  • Create a fire escape plan and practice it.
  • Remember P.A.S.S. fire extinguisher use. Pull the pin, Aim, Squeeze, Sweep.
We are here for the community

What Else Do We Do

Contact the Milan Area Fire Department for a free car seat check.

Email Kyle at kylemaury@milanareafire.com for a free smoke and carbon monoxide detector.

Fire Prevention & Open House

The department hosts an open house annually in October.

Burn Ordinance & Permits

Please call 734-439-2843 to request a burn permit. Remember to follow all the local burn ordinances.

Severe Weather

Stay 25 feet away from any down power lines and call 911 immediately.

You can request a fire fighter to come to your classroom or event.

Annual emergency and safety numbers.

MAFD Stats

The Milan Area Fire Department responds to an average of 1,400 incidents per year. These runs range from fire, auto, and medical emergencies. Below are the emergency runs for the last month in each municipality.

  • 48
    City of Milan
  • 13
    London Township
  • 9
    Milan Township
  • 17
    York Township


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